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Our focus at Good Taste Catering is to provide high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  We believe that providing children with healthy lunch choices is a key element to keeping their minds focused and ready to learn.  We also cater special events, so make sure your next event is done with Good Taste.
Contact us today to request an appointment!  Good Taste Catering would be happy to meet with you to discuss  your upcoming event, or the option of adding a  lunch program at your school.  Please contact us at or call 443-686-1544 (Mon- Fri 8am-6pm).      
          "My daughter loves your BBQ chicken legs, they're her favorite!"
                                                                                                        signed a supportive parent
                  "My children love their lunches, they look forward to different choices every  day!"
                        Thank you from their mom
                                                                     "Thank you for this wonderful service!"
                                                  The Head of School             
About Us
The Good Taste Catering company was created when a local mom realized that many parents were struggling every school day to try and put together a nutritious and tasty lunch for their child.  We understand how busy life can be -we're MOM's TOO!  Everyone benefits from our lunch program.  We provide healthier alternatives to pre-packaged lunches which reduces the stress of having to prepare daily lunches at home. 
Our main goal is to serve fresh healthy lunches on a daily basis that students
enjoy at prices parents can appreciate. 
We feel that putting our emphasis on appealing, nutritionally balanced meals that kids will eat helps them concentrate better in class.
Our program has been very warmly welcomed by all who
participate! We continue to help ease the workload of busy moms and dads by preparing and delivering our healthy lunches to the children. We look forward to serving your school community!
You hear about Nutrition everywhere.....what it's doing, or rather what the lack of what it is doing to our kids.
The number of obese children is on the rise and what they eat affects their performance, their sense of well being and long term health. Health care professionals are quick to cite current diet patterns and the fast food industry with the decline of our children's health.
We understand the importance of providing a well balanced meal.  We provide a healthy, nutritious meal with a "YUMMY GOOD TASTE"!  We take pride in preparing our meals for the children.  We understand that kid's can have picky palates, therefore, we make sure that our menus are exciting, have a creative appeal and have that home made touch, just like Mom's, which makes them delicious down to the last bite.
All of our meals are prepared nut-free.  We do not use any nut products or peanut oils in our recipes.  However, some ingredients that we use in our recipes may be manufactured in facilities that also process nut products...possibly creating cross contamination. Therefore, we can not guarantee a 100% nut free zone due to products we receive from outside suppliers. 
If a parent has a special request, no worries, just contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them.
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